The vaccine will arrive from India in December

 The rest of the consignments of coronavirus vaccine bought in Bangladesh from the Seram Institute of India will start arriving in December.

 Salman F Rahman, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Private Industry and Investment, said this.

 Speaking at an event at the Dhaka Reporters' Unity (DRU) on Tuesday, he said vaccinations would start coming from India again from next month. All vaccines will leave India by the first quarter of next year.


Speaking on the progress of corona vaccine production in the country, Salman F. Rahman said that inceptor vaccine has all the capabilities. Once the terms and conditions with China are fixed, they will be able to go into production.


He said Beximco would "become capable" of producing vaccines in the next four to six weeks.
Salman F Rahman is the Vice Chairman of Beximco Group. Beximco Pharmaceuticals is responsible for importing vaccines from India and supplying them to Bangladesh.


Bangladesh reached a tripartite agreement in November last year to buy 30 million doses of vaccine from India's Seram Institute. Then in January, the government gave an advance of more than Rs 600 crore, which is half of the total price of the vaccine.
According to the agreement, 5 million doses of vaccine were to come to Bangladesh every month. On January 25, 50 lakh doses of the first consignment and on February 23, 20 lakh doses of the second consignment came to the country.


Besides, Bangladesh received 20 lakh more doses on January 21 and 12 lakh doses of Covishield on March 26 as a gift from the Government of India.
But when the coronavirus epidemic reached its peak in March, the Indian government banned the export of the vaccine in April.


The latest Covishield ticker purchased by the government on October 9 reached another 1 million doses in the country. After that no more invoices came from Seram Institute. The 22 million notes that are still stuck in the contract will start coming in December.